First Aid Level Unit Standard 120496


This course is useful for individuals who wish to take First Aid to the next level. This course will equip individuals with the relevant skills, knowledge and values needed to provide emergency care (First-Aid assistance) in the event of an occupational incident/accident or any health emergency.

Upon Completion Delegates will have the ability to do the following:

Just a tickDemonstrate the principles of primary First Aid emergency care in the workplace.

Just a tickSustain a basic level of preparedness for Health Emergencies in the workplace.

Just a tickAccurately assess and manage an emergency scene in the workplace.

Just a tickCompetently demonstrate primary emergency life support (First Aid) for adults, children, and infants according to the                     current protocols.

Just a tickExplain and manage shock.

Just a tickConduct a secondary assessment of the sick and/or injured individual(s) and provide the appropriate primary emergency               (First Aid) care within the workplace.

Just a tickProduce records of the incident/accident.

Who Should Attend?

Just a tickIndividuals who wish to take First Aid to the next level.

Just a tickAll staff members as a precautionary measure

Just a tickIndividuals who work in a highly volatile areas

Just a tickIndividuals who work in a high-risk industry such as mining, construction, manufacturing etc.

Course Outline

Just a tickStatutory requirements

Just a tickLaws in first aid

Just a tickPrinciples in first aid and self-protection

Just a tickEmergency scene safety

Just a tickPatient assessment

Just a tickCardiopulmonary resuscitation

Just a tickThe secondary assessment

Just a tickRecovery position

Just a tickArtificial respiration

Just a tickChoking and airway obstruction

Just a tickShock

Just a tickUnconsciousness and fainting

Just a tickAnatomy and physiology

Just a tickBlood and bleeding

Just a tickWounds

Course Information

Just a tickCourse Duration: 3 Days

Just a tickPrerequisites: A Valid First Aid Level 1 Certificate

Just a tickDelegates will receive an Accredited certificate upon completion.

Just a tickCertification valid for 3 years


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