The Basic firefighting training course will equip delegates with the relevant skills, knowledge and values needed to use the appropriate firefighting equipment to extinguish and control fires. Delegates will be able to identify, contain, prevent and extinguish different types of fires.

Upon Completion Delegates will

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Be able to discuss and explain the procedures needed  for dealing with fires

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Be able to identify the types of fires, the context of fire and identify the correct fire fighting procedure 

Just a tick Be able to correctly identify, select and check the relevant firefighting and safety equipment 

Just a tickBe able to fight containable/extinguishable fires

Just a tick Be able to retreat from the fire site and hand it over to the relevant personnel 

Just a tickBe able to report or record the status of fire and equipment 

Who should attend the Basic Firefighting training course?

Just a tickIndividuals responsible for firefighting in the workplace

Just a tickIndividuals that want to gain knowledge about basic fire prevention 

Just a tickIndividuals that want to gain more knowledge about fire prevention in the workplace

Basic Firefighting Training Course Delegate using fire extinguisher

Basic Firefighting training Course Outline

Just a tickFire Introduction

Just a tickWhat is Fire?

Just a tickFire Detection Methods

Just a tickLegal Aspects

Just a tickTypes of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Just a tickFire Emergency Procedure

About the Basic Firefighting training course

Just a tickCourse Duration: 1 Day

Just a tickDelegates will receive an Accredited certificate upon completion 

Just a tickCertification Valid for 2 years


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